2018 JST Pumpkin Festival

Saturday 13th October is the date for this years Pumpkin Festival held at Royal Victoria Country Park in Netley Midday until five.

This annual event raises much needed funds for the Jubilee Sailing Trust. this will be our fourth year of helping out at this event, come along and visit our Gazebo and see some of the things that we do and make. find out about our newly built workshops and ask about membership. We will be sited at the southern end of the field just to the side of the Chapel entrance.

More planters for local railway stations

This month we have delivered four large planters to Eastleigh Railway Station and another two to Millbrook station. As usual they were commissioned by Three Rivers Community Rail Partnership who we have been working wiyth for nearly four years, they are a great team of local volunteers who give up their time to keep our local stations looking as good as they do

  The Conversation

How sheds can help men stave off loneliness after retirement – according to our new research

August 16, 2018 1.20pm BST

When people hear the word shed, they may think about a rickety wooden building at the bottom of a garden crawling with spiders, filled with old paint tins, a lawnmower and out-of-date weedkiller. It has also been associated with the term “man cave” – a space where a man spends time on his own, tinkering with junk or avoiding his partner. But our new research found there was more to the humble shed than meets the eye – mainly thanks to a revolutionary social programme which is fighting loneliness.

Loneliness is a key challenge for contemporary times and while it can be experienced by people of any age, it can impact older people particularly. The number of people over the age of 65 who live in the UK continues to increase and 3.6m older people live alone. Age UK found that for many older people their main source of activity is watching television.

While many older people look forward to retirement and have the resources and social connections to enjoy their leisure time, there are others who face loss of social support, changes to living arrangements, and a decline in physical and emotional well-being. Loneliness can be as a result of retirement (voluntary or forced), becoming unwell or the death of close friends or a spouse.

Older men are more at risk of loneliness. The impact of feeling isolated or lonely has been compared to obesity and increases the risk of a decline in cognitive abilities and reported anxiety and depression.

Meeting friends and making things

Men’s Sheds is a social programme which aims to help provide community spaces for men to boost emotional and physical health. Originating in Australia in 1998, Men’s Sheds is now a global programme with hundreds of projects across the UK, Canada, Ireland, Denmark, Australia and the US. The sheds are usually workshop spaces but can also be in garages, portable cabins or other community buildings. They provide a space for men to make things or do other leisure activities and are about meeting other men with similar interests, sharing skills and knowledge.

We interviewed 20 men who attend Men’s Sheds in Cheshire and spoke with ten of their family members. We also collected survey information about the men’s physical and emotional well-being in July 2017 and six months later. Our research found that going to the sheds has led to new friendships (described by the men as camaraderie) and a sense of belonging.

UK Men’s Sheds@UKMensSheds

Men's Sheds aren't just about woodwork. Many Sheds have a diverse range of activities on offer, including metal craft, electronics, 3D printing, gardening, pottery and even computer programming in some Sheds. Find your nearest Shed today http://ow.ly/wC1Z30ifTHq 


The men told us they were able to open up about their health concerns and experiences because they felt they belonged to something and had other men to talk to while they worked on projects together. Working in the sheds also helps keep the men active and mobile, while a surge in self-esteem and confidence was also reported. One man told us:

It gives me a good boost knowing that I have helped somebody in return and not only just in return but helping people and putting a smile on their face and when they say thank you, that means more than anything in the world.

The men say that their sheds are much more than a place to do woodwork. The sessions are about having a laugh and sharing experiences. As another man, aged 72, put it:

It saved me from an early grave … I was in a right state and this was good for me.

Social prescribing

Men’s Sheds is an example of a community based health and social care intervention that improves men’s physical and emotional well-being by providing a space to meet new people, share stories and learn new skills. They play a valuable role in enabling men to live happier and healthier lives for longer and should be a part of what Lisa McNally – the Director of Public Health for Bracknell Forest Council – calls a “well-stocked community”.

Many of the men were referred to the sheds programme by their wives who were either concerned about them or needed some space for themselves. However, some of the men were referred by health and social care professionals in a similar way to social prescribing (where health and care professionals refer people to non-clinical services such as swimming clubs, gardening activities or art groups).

The debate is raging about how to fund quality social care for older adults. Now the new Cabinet Minister for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock, has promised £4.5m to set up social prescribing schemes as a different way of supporting people who are lonely.

Investment is needed to provide a wide range of specific interest-based community activities for older adults. Loneliness is a key challenge for contemporary times, particularly in the context of the increasing number of older men who live alone or feel socially isolated after retirement. Programmes like Men’s Sheds can offer a solution. Let’s hope Matt Hancock has a shed of his own and can see past the spiders and the lawnmower.

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May the sunshine continue

Last Wednesday saw our friends Southern Timber Frames deliver the IBeams and Sheet material for our new workshop roof, 25 Beams and 36 sheets of T&G OSB, and there were only five of us there to unload it. as it was late in the day it was all stacked up and left for the night, on Thursday the team in atttendance managed to get more than half of the IBeams in place. Then on Monday Bryan, Trevor and Johhny carried on with the work managing to get some of the OSB installed as well. We are just hoping for a break in the weather on Wednesday and Thursday to try and get the job finished, so that we can get the roofing contractors in fit the felt.

At last some decent weather

Following the snow and rain in recent weeks, the team have at last managed to make a great start on the framework of our new workshop home.

Roofing materials and insulation are on their way, so it's all systems go now

BAM Contruction

Many thanks to the BAM Construction site team at Southampton University for their recent timber donation, its all under cover at our new site as we start contruction of our new home

2018 AGM

We will be holding our AGM  at Paulines Lodge, Cricket Activity Centre, Pylands Lane, SO31 1BH

from Midday on Thursday 12th April

Flower Presses

Sarah an artist from Winchester recently asked if we could produce some flower presses for her?

This is what we have done, she will now decorate and personalise them, she aslo does the same with bedroom door plaques.

If you have any commission work for us please get in touch



Our New Shed Site

This week we started to prepare the site for the new shed, we have a lovely large concrete base to build on, and it is now cleaned off ready to start building next week

Heavy Duty Planters

This week we completed work on and delivered three large wheelchair friendly planters to Countess Mountbatten Hospice in West End. they are going to be used by patients during physiotherapy / ocupational health sessions. We hope they will give lots of pleasure to all that use and see them. If we can help anyone else with siniler projects please get in touch andi@eastleighmensshed.co.uk




Wood finishing talk

On Thursday many of the team gathered to hear a talk on the use of wood finishing products, given by Mark from Liberon Limited who manufacture a wide range of top quality wood colouring and finishing products.

Mark is very knowledgeable and passionate about the whole process of colouring and protecting wood, he was able to give great hints and tips and answer a wealth of questions from those present.

We would like to thank him for coming along to see us and for his long commute from Devon.

Busy times at the Shed

This week the team have been busy building some large Trough style planters for the Countess Mountbatten Hospice. this is a place close to the heart of our Vice Chairman Brian who reguarly gives up his spare time to volunteer around their gardens and also as a host for first time family visitors.

These monster planters are designed with Wheelchair users in mind. as you can see in the picture most of the work is being done outside as one takes up half of the main workshop and took six of us to carry it, so they will be hard to steal once the are filled with earth and planted


Southern Mens Shed Network

Eastleigh Mens Shed were pleased to host the January meeting of the Southern Mens Shed Network, on Monday 15th January at Pilands Wood Community Centre

Our good friends at Tried and Tested Tools came along with a selection of their tool range and some generous donations to the tool raffle.

As well as the usual tea and coffee with a selection of cakes and biscuits, we provided a hot pasty or sausage roll or a healthy option of a root vegetable soup and a granary roll.

The soup made by Sue our chairman's wife went down very well, but it appears that many also needed to have a pasty or sausage roll as well. Luckily we had prepared enough of everything to go around even if the "Healthy Eating" message was a little lost in translation.

The meeting was well attended by many of the local sheds, with a wide variety of subjects being covered. We now look forward to the next meeting being held by Romsey Mens Shed in their new building sometime in April

In the meantime watch this space for updates on our search for a new home

  • Raised Bed Planters for Mansbridge

    Hugh, Neville, Andi & John delivering the raised planters to the Mansbridge Community Allotment on Thursday

  • Hugh, John & Andi

    We can build planters and other garden furniture to order

  • Hugh, John Neville & Andi L-R

    contact us at
    info@eastleighmensshed.co.uk or ring Andi on 07547 918966

Berrywood Project

We have now returned the repaired car to the school, and are now working on the playhouse windows, hopefully all done in time for the new term

Busy days at Shed

Today we sent a three man team to Berrywood Primary School, to replace a rotten wooden surround to one of the bamboo trees, it now looks good with it's new deck surround. meanwhile back at the shed the guys were giving the school car a fresh coat of paint, should be ready for its MOT tomorrow. Chris and Ken are working on the EBC info board and Graham with his electrical repairs. more commissioned projects to be completed tomorrow and next week including raised beds and a woodstore.

Lime washing at the windmill

For the past two Fridays, we have had a team working at Bursledon Windmill, the inside walls needed a fresh coat of Lime Wash. so armed with disposable boilersuits and paintbrushes we have managed to finish the whole building all five floors in a couple of sessions. Well done to Johnny O, Neville, Bruce, John B, Trevor and Andi.

The windmill is well worth a visit, It's over 200 years old and is the only working windmill in Hampshire. one of our next projects is to make them a large raised bed to go by the main barn entrance

Check them out, they are open on Sundays 10-4



We Build Bespoke Planters

This one is 3.7 metres long and looking beautiful in it's new home

Do you have bare spaces in your garden, we can help you to fill them with our bespoke planter service.

We will build any planter of you choice, any size and from a variety of materials to suit every pocket.

Just give us some dimensions and any preferences and we will give you a very competitive price

contact info@eastleighmensshed.co.uk for more details


Eastleigh Mens Shed are looking for a new home

 After three and a half years in existence on their current site, the twenty plus members of “The Shed” are now in danger of being made homeless, on the back of an out of date covenant placed on the land in the 1920’s.

The group who only meet for a few hours twice a week, making and repairing things for the local community.

They are now looking for any space in which to re-locate, ideally a small building that can house a reasonable sized workshop, but having built their workshop from scratch using lots of recycled materials they would also be able to build again should anybody be able to provide a small amount of land.

If there is a local business or landowner able to help please contact them by email to info@eastleighmensshed.co.uk, or by telephone 07547 918966.

Their website www.eastleighmensshed.co.uk will give you an insight into their valuable work and some of the great project that they run, including weekly table tennis for seniors and a monthly Repair Café.




Eastleigh Mens Shed

Eastleigh Mens Shed was established early in 2014, by it's four founder members Hugh, Bryan, Graham and Andi. from a small group meeting in a pub twice a month we now have in excess of twenty members meeting at our Hamble base on at least three days per week.

Eastleigh Mens Shed is a larger version of the typical man’s shed in the garden – a place where he feels at home and pursues practical interests with a high degree of autonomy.

Eastleigh Mens Shed offers this to a group of such men where members share the tools and resources they need to work on group projects or one of their own choosing at their own pace and in a safe, friendly and inclusive venue. We are a place of skill-sharing and informal learning, of individual pursuits and community projects, of purpose, achievement and social interaction. A place of leisure where men come together to work.

A Shed’s activities usually involve making or mending in wood (e.g. carpentry, joinery, turning, carving, whittling, marquetry, furniture renovation) but may include metalworking (milling, sheet metal, welding, etc.) bike repair, gardening, electronics, tool renovation, boat renovation, model engineering (model railways, planes) and even building a car! Reclamation, reuse and restoration will feature strongly – and some say that is true of the men too! Although Sheds mostly attract older men, some have included men of any age, women and young people. Whichever activities are pursued the essence of a Shed is not a building, which some don’t have, but the network of relationships between the members.



A New Name for our Train

What a good evening 3 Rivers had last night at Chandlers Ford Station.

They had a steady stream of visitors and passengers come and partake in some seasonal food and drink, which helped to promote the work of the partnership at the station. 

A competition was run to name the new wooden train planter on the old platform, with the winning name of “Fordy” being picked randomly out of a box. Well done to Julie, who came up with this fitting name, and we shall be sending her a prize in the New Year. She has also started us thinking about putting spring bulbs into the planter in the next few weeks to start bringing the train into its proper use!